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Security Construction

Security Construction

Building and Upgrading Prisons 

MKC Group can assist you with your security needs. We have experience with various projects involving video security and fencing security systems. We have effectively completed multiple security construction projects for prisons and military facilities in the state of Michigan. We can help with making sure your cameras are up to date with current technology and to ensure safety is the main priority.

MKC Group has a comprehensive understanding of Michigan Department of Corrections’ safety protocols, and has adapted to successfully and safely work in the prison environment. We have years of experience working in prisons and have established a rapport with the Michigan Department of Corrections. We have formed the ability to work closely with this market and have effectively followed the procedures put in place to work in these types of environments. We can help bridge the gap between your project and the strict policies/procedures that your facility might have. We can help make this a worry free process that will help your project be quicker, safer, and more cost effective. 


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