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St. Louis Prison

St. Louis, Michigan

Security is an imperative necessity at the St. Louis Prison. Knowing that we are experts in security solutions, the State of Michigan contracted MKC Group through the Department of Corrections (MDOC). Working with design engineers at Tower Pinkster, our objective was to install a new state of the art Intrusion Detection Perimeter System.
Due to the high security level of the facility, all employees and subcontractors had thorough background checks and needed to be lien clear. We also had to be systematic so that all materials and tools were completely removed at the end of each work day. This prevented any attempts by the inmates to have access to them.

  • Install cutting edge perimeter detection system.
  • Install a wide spectrum of alarms.
  • Mount motion detection triggers.
  • Use directional boring for underground wiring.
  • Educate the facility’s staff on how the new system operates.
  • Train the staff on how to maintain and repair the new systems.

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