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Pine River Boating Access Site

Mackinac County, Michigan

For this sizable project, MKC Group was contracted by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget. Our goal was to take a piece of undeveloped property and transform it into a user-friendly public boating access site. Along with constructing the boat launch, we had to erect a nature interpretive center for the public to educate themselves on the variety of local plant and wildlife. The entire project was all new construction.

  • Install Solar Electric Lighting System.
    • 75 Watt Power Assembly
    • Shoebox Light Fixture with 26 Watt Lamp
    • Remote Real Time Clock
  • Pave a new access road and parking lot.
  • Strip existing topsoil, grade and maintain positive drainage
  • Shape and compact the embankment to prevent erosion
  • Lay Asphaltic Concrete Paving
  • Install sheet piling for earth retention and excavation support.
  • Build a timber boardwalk, ground stairs, railing and fencing.
  • Fit a vault toilet from precast concrete with a 1,000-gallon capacity.
  • Install drainage improvements and rip rap.
  • Design new landscaping.

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